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Wednesday 07 June 2023 to Monday 19 June 2023

You’ve been accepted to a UK university? Congratulations! 

So what are the next steps? How do you get your visa? Should you be taking out health insurance? And do you really need to pack three umbrellas and eight raincoats and five pairs of boots? 

Our two online sessions this June are designed for European students and cover everything from official paperwork to packing your suitcase to how to find a local doctor once you’re in the UK. 

What sessions can I join?

What I wish I’d known as a new international student in the UK

Wednesday 7 June, 18.00 – 19.00

A pre-departure briefing where students run the programme: our panel of new students getting ready to study in the UK will put their questions to international students who are already there. Where else could you get the real lowdown on what students want and need to know?

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Pre-departure briefing 2023

Monday 19 June, 18.00 – 19.30

We’ll be joined by representatives from the University of Dundee and by current international students in the UK to find out what to expect when you arrive in the UK and how to navigate student services, including disability support. Plus, hear directly from the UK’s Visas and Immigration department about student visas and ask your questions.

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Help! I’m busy on those days! How can I get this information?

Don’t worry. Of course, it’s better to join in person so you can ask your own questions. 

However, recordings of these and all our webinars for European students are published on our Study UK Europe events page shortly after each event, so you can watch, rewind, watch again and share.