"The Other Side" by David Hockney (1990/3) Oil on 2 canvasses 72 x 132 Copyright David Hockney. Photo by Richard Schmidt.
"The Other Side" by David Hockney (1990/3) Oil on 2 canvasses 72 x 132 Copyright David Hockney. Photo by Richard Schmidt.

David Hockney is one of the world’s most distinguished contemporary artists. His works are now being exhibited more widely than ever before in Finland. Kunsthalle Helsinki is presenting an impressive selection of his work, including 25 artworks from the British Council Collection. 

David Hockney is one the most important names in contemporary art. Water themes, portraits, and landscapes that play with perspectives have made him one of the most recognisable artists of our time. 

Kunsthalle Helsinki's exhibition showcases Hockney's central themes through a variety of interpretations: watercolours, lithographs, drawings, paintings, and works produced on an iPad. The exhibition includes works from 50 years, from the classic early career painting We Two Boys Together Clinging (1961) which depicts a male couple, to the iPad paintings (2011) depicting the arrival of spring in the English countryside. The exhibition also includes many drawings depicting friends of the artist such as his muse of many years, Celia Birtwell, and the artist Man Ray. 

Visitors are invited to examine Hockney’s exploration of how we see spaces. Ignoring conventional textbook perspectives, he is interested in the experience of viewing: be the subject a dining room in the city, a garden in Mexico or a fjord in Norway, Hockney plays with perspective and vanishing points by offering several simultaneous outlooks. 

In a similar fashion, Hockney invites the spectator's gaze for a dance in his large scale painting The Other Side (1990/93), which is a sort of three-dimensional space and abstract landscape, and one of the last of Hockney's so-called "Very New Paintings." 

David Hockney's works have been seen in numerous exhibitions all around the world. The artist rose to fame in the 1960s and is known for a diverse oeuvre that includes graphics, paintings, photography, scenography, video and digital imagery. The 81-year-old artist is still active. His latest works were exhibited at the Pace Gallery in New York earlier this year.

Kunsthalle Helsinki is exhibiting a wide array of Hockney's works as a part of the Helsinki Festival programme, 18 August -18 November 2018.


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