The British Council encourages and enables the study and teaching of English and we have developed useful tools to achieve this both online and in the UK. In Finland we do not offer contact teaching, but we can offer you online resources for this purpose. We also offer English exams and qualifications.

Find out more about our online portfolio of English learning and teaching resources:


We offer a broad range of quality English learning online resources: you can listen to interesting English stories via podcasts or download your favourite English learning app on your mobile. There are also English songs for your kids. Visit Learn English Online for more information.



If you are an English language teacher or language assistant, we can support your work through various networks and online resources, including professional forums, networks and teaching materials. We support and develop resources for English Language Teaching (ELT) professionals. Find out more about our popular Teaching English resources.


If you are interested in studying at an English medium university, or emigrating to an English-speaking country, we can help you find out more about the IELTS test. Although British Council Finland does not run these exams directly, we have lots of information about them in the Exams section